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Twitter Web App : Overledger Treasury - Technical video from Dr Luke Riley

- How Developers and Gateway Operators can interact with the Treasury
- How to establish Gateway & Developer payment channels
- Scripts to interact with Treasury smart contracts
- more!

iPhone : Option A: SIA is the TDP and the new RTGS will be interoperable with DLTs using Overledger.

Option B: SIA isn't the TDP and the new RTGS will be interoperable with DLTs using Overledger.

Pick one😏

$QNT #itsreal #DLT #RTGS #blockchain #interoperability $ETH $XRP $LINK…

Twitter Web App : Step 1: Look at the chart.
Step 2: research $QNT fundamentals.
Step 3: Full send.

#Blockchain #Interoperability πŸ‘ #DLT #Bitcoin
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Twitter Web App : I still don't get why you would bet on a single blockchain ?
$QNT offers a solution to build applications that work on and with all blockchains connected to their Operating system.

No vendor locking - robust applications - future proof - 5G/IoT/legacy systems connected as well!

iPhone : What if I told you that within a year, $QNT could have the largest dollar demand for the token, from the underlying utility, than any other Crypto. The math isn't hard to do at all. Something to think about, perhaps.

iPhone : βœ… Ghost of St. Miklos on the importance of Quants current #CBDC work

Luke does a great job explaining why the tokenomics of $QNT are far superior to any other project πŸ‘€πŸ‘

Check out the full Tokenomic Superiority video here πŸ‘‰…

$crypto $IDEX

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iPhone : #DMM Ecosystem Updates πŸ•ŠοΈ

The DMMF has been hard at work on some new exciting upcoming features and proposals

βš–οΈ Governance Dashboard
πŸ’΅ $USDT Support (mUSDT)
πŸ’³ mToken Debt Ceiling Changes
✈️ Aviation Asset Support
πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ $DMG Liquidity Farming Research…

iPhone : Interoperability is likely to become an important game-changer for the blockchain industry and Quant is leading the pack. πŸ’―

With its recent successful testing with SIA and the launch of Overledger gateways $QNT is due for an epic run!

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Twitter Web App : . $QNT isnt stopping. Their tech #OVN / Overledger is revolutionary and already being adopted by big enterprises. Some public and some yet to be announced.

But not only that, as a fast growing company they are entering a new phase ! This will reflect on adoption and $QNT !