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Twitter Media Studio : .Hillsdale College Professor Adam M. Carrington tells slaterradio when the #SCOTUS confirmation hearings became so hyper-politicized and explains the origin of the term borking.

Was that the first time these hearings went horribly off the rails?

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Twitter Web App : This dangerous and vicious attack on the media by a politician undermines the valuable institution of the independent press, and we must band together to fight against it.…

Twitter Media Studio : AG Bill Barr must let the American people know where the Justice Department stands in their massive corruption investigation before Election Day, says Bill OReilly.

If he doesnt, hell probably be looking for a new job next year because President Donald J. Trump is not happy.

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Twitter Media Studio : Big tech silenced the New York Post story for no other reason than it would hurt Joe Biden, says Jesse Kelly.

Even after the U.S. Senate got involved, they didnt slow down AT ALL. In fact, they suspended Kayleigh McEnany AND @SenJudiciary.

What does that tell you?

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Twitter Media Studio : .Buck Sexton calls out Savannah Guthrie for doing the bidding of the DNC during President Donald J. Trumps #TownHall last night saying, The whole thing was a mess!

Ive always thought she was the worst... are you a journalist or are you like a game show host?

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Twitter Media Studio : Dr. Fauci and CDCs Robert Redfield are warning that Americans may want to cancel Thanksgiving due to COVID-19 concerns. Dana Loesch responds:

Shutup... were not cancelling Thanksgiving. This is not happening. My kids have gone a year without seeing their grandparents.

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Twitter Media Studio : .Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she is sick & tired of Republicans who co-opt faith as an excuse to advance bigotry & barbarism, adding that the GOP would reject Jesus teachings today.

She has some nerve given her own partys history on God and abortion, says Billy Hallowell.

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Twitter Media Studio : Joe Biden & the Democrats are contemptuous of voters and it shows, says @RobSmithOnline. He predicts their message of not Trump is not going to be enough to turn people out to the polls.

The choice is yours on Election Day and, my God, I hope we make the right one.

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Twitter Web App : Were not just running against Joe Biden. Were running against the left-wing media, and were running against Big Tech. – Donald J. Trump

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Twitter Media Studio : President Donald J. Trump ditches teleprompter, GOES OFF on Biden crime family during speech in Florida:

Hes like a vacuum cleaner, he follows his father around collecting... You wanna know something? Its a crime family.

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Twitter Web App : .Dan Bongino confirmed on his podcast today that he has been diagnosed with cancer, specifically Hodgkins lymphoma.

I do have cancer, and that is hard for me to say.

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Twitter Web App : #NoddingWoman is the HERO we NEEDED last night!

She was fierce!

She supported Donald J. Trump and made us all smile while doing it!

Her name is Mayra Joli and she’s a pro-Trump immigration attorney and Beauty Queen!


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Twitter Web App : Cops should “Train to shoot them in the leg” is one of the dumbest things any presidential candidate has said about any subject ever, but Biden said it last night so the media will pretend like it didn’t happen and nobody cares