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TweetDeck : WE WANT TO HEAR stories of:

💚 How resilience is flourishing in your community

💚 What resilience looks like in your neighbourhood

💚 How we can build our community resilience.

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iPhone : Pathetic attempt by Grant Schapps on #Marr, squirming, swivelling and deceiving to defend the indefensible.

One rule for PM’s chums, another for everyone else


iPhone : There’s been a lot of posts reminding Muslims how important it is to stay home today

Of course #StayHomeSaveLives is the most important message

But we’d urge Public Health England to develop a new campaign aimed at Tory advisers

They just don’t seem to understand the rules!

iPhone : It’s simply not acceptable for there to be one rule for Boris’ right hand man and another for everyone else.

People all over the country are struggling through this crisis following the rules in good faith. They deserve answers. #marr #ridge

iPhone : Grant Shapps given questions in advance by #sky #ridge so he can give straight factual answers.

Says instead “I’m transport secretary” so doesn’t need to give people facts.

Ends interview laughing and smiling.

The breathtaking arrogance epitomises this Government.

iPhone : Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating today 💚

Solidarity to those of us who can’t come together with loved ones.

Today’s message of charity and community is a great message to get us through this time.

iPhone : Happy #EidMubarak to everyone =]

A special shoutout to all those who wont be able to celebrate with family and who are working on the front line to keep us all safe.

iPhone : Eid Mubarak from the Green Party!
#EidAlFitr #eidmubarak2020
The Green Party

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iPhone : What clearer evidence could there be that Prime Minister is simply not up to the job than that his cabinet is prepared to throw away all credibility and dignity to keep Cummings in place

We can only conclude that Johnson cannot function without Cummings



iPhone : #EidMubarak I know social distancing has made for a very strange Ramadan this year and #EidAlFitr will be too.

But please stay safe

There's helpful advice from MCB about how to celebrate safely…

iPhone : Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends (especially @sarahvahie 💚)

Wishing everyone a joyous celebration! #Eid…

iPhone : The responsibility is now firmly on the Prime Minister’s shoulders to get rid of Cummings. Not for reasons of “spent political capital” but because the Prime Minister’s first duty is to protect.

TweetDeck : With #MentalHealthAwarnessWeek coming to an end, Jonathan Bartley outlines the Green vision for our mental health.

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Twitter Web App : We can’t help but feel there’s an unequal focus on Muslims staying home for Eid - that was missing for VE Day 🤔

Whatever celebration is coming up #StayHomeSaveLives. And Eid Mubarak too 💚…

iPhone : I think of the difficulties, hardships and heartache many people have gone through to keep others safe and stick to the rules.

The level of hypocrisy shown by Cummings is a clear resignation matter. We simply cannot let this level of hypocrisy stand.

TweetDeck : Tory MPs justifying not just breaking rules - which can be enforced by police - but breaking quarantine

They really believe they are above the law and have no sense of solidarity

No wonder they didn't think we - the humane and responsible majority - would cope with lockdown…

TweetDeck : 😠Jenrick travels hundreds of miles to visit parents
😠PM travels to second home to recuperate
😠Cummings travels hundreds of miles for childcare support

😤They see us as little people; rules don’t apply to them

😢They have made mockery of real sacrifices made by so many of us