Matt Erickson says Seven Californias (@TheMattErickson )

Matt Erickson says Seven Californias

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Twitter Web App : Are we just going to pretend Grenell wasn’t a member of the Trump campaign when he was doing their bidding as Acting DNI?…

iPhone : In his final days as Director of National Intelligence, Grenell leaked misleading documents in an attempt to frame Trump's campaign opponent for wrongdoing.

A week later Grenell goes to work directly for the Trump campaign.

This is a massive scandal.…

iPhone : “Some might say the Central Park video is evidence of a criminal legal system that’s “broken.” But after years spent representing thousands of NYers in court, I can attest that the reality is worse: The system is working the way it was designed to work.”…

This film is directed by a convicted murderer who killed a young Camera Assistant on his film “Midnight Rider”. He is banned from making films in the US because of his premeditated act. It happened on February 20, 2014 when Randall lied to his cast &

iPhone : It's time for another reminder that Trump's inspector general purge is happening ONLY because ALL Republican Senators are fine with it. Some may be mildly annoyed, others delighted, but none cares about inspectors general enough to impose consequences.

Twitter Web App : So happy to see that the right to vote is being restored in Florida and the discriminatory poll tax was struck down as unconstitutional. This is a big win!

Congratulations Desmond Meade & everyone who has worked so hard for years on #Amendment4!……

Twitter Web App : This is serious. Happened today in Manhattan. As a public defender for over a decade, I have tried cases where the Manhattan DA uses a "hysterical 911 call" as categorical evidence of guilt. Usually there's no video like this to refute it. (1/4)…

iPhone : Me: I’m really in the mood to watch ALIENS for some reason

Ripley: please take me seriously when I say this thing will kill everyone here; no potential profit is worth this risk to human life

Me: ah,

iPhone : We know that yesterday’s court ruling has left many of you with questions about your ability to vote. #FRRC can help! Call our hotline at 877-MYVOTE-0 or visit our website to get your questions answered.… #letmypeoplevote #ourvote #ourvoice #ourtime

iPhone : In 2018, more than 5 million Floridians voted to restore voting rights to those who served their sentences.

Republicans blocked that right.

We must ensure every voice is heard -- and this ruling from last night is a victory for our democracy.…

Twitter Web App : democrats need to wake up to the fact that the official position of the republican party is to oppose the universal franchise…