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Twitter Web App : adidas elitist Yep you are 100% right - I just don't like it lol. But it's been this way for a long time commercially. Hey, I wish him nothing but success and safety and for him to enjoy his fame. I don't wanna hear him rap tho & wish MCs got pub for being incredible MCs vs. going to jail.

Twitter Web App : MF XIII Yep - I guess I wish people cared more about the artform vs. if you went to jail or not. But I guess that's part of the whole appeal I don't get. I hope he stays safe and enjoys his fame now that he's home

Twitter Web App : PROP ANON Sure - but (i guess this has been an issue for decades), I wish going to jail wasn't the deciding factor on how popular an MC you were. I wish the skills determined that.

Twitter Web App : ℒouisVℒos I get that part of it - and I hope he enjoys his fame and stays safe now that he is home. But I just think he's a terrible at MCing, and wish some of the really talented MC's would get as much pub for their art as he did for going to jail - but I get it's part of his appeal too.