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Bio Country proud. Here to piss liberals off #NotSorry. Proud Straight, white #republican. #ProTrump #2A, #MAGA @GenFlynn mags after hours #MAH #Trump #AmericaFirst
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Twitter Web App : What in the actual fuck. #StopPedowood #SAVETHECHILDERN #pedophelia is not a sexual orientations twitter.com/SamParkerSenat…

iPhone : Justin Youel This is such 💩. The government needs to go after these people putting on these protests for tax evasion on a mammoth scale. Hey, it's how they put Capone away. They pay these rioters under the table with untaxed bitcoin. I'm sure most collect welfare. A double tax crime whammy.

iPhone : It’s is time for the #SilentMajority to stand up to this #toxic liberal sickness and take this country back. #MAGA2020 Donald J. Trump keep doing what you can for the people who voted you in and #GodBless

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iPhone : Someone tell me this shit ain’t real. It is kind of funny that #capitalism always wins.

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iPhone : I look forward to this read ⁦Ben Shapiro⁩! I’m sure it will challenge aspects of my politics but more importantly expose the dangers of the lefts’.

How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps: Shapiro, Ben: 9780063001879: amazon.com/Destroy-Americ…

iPhone : And they spent three years on that damned island. And were marooned there for another 11 years before escaping...and ending up back on the island.