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Twitter Web App : Is standing on a rooftop with a megaphone and shouting "I wrote a book" at passerbys an acceptable way to market?

Twitter Web App : George Styles Bohr model, yes but no to the Rydberg equation. I'm finding the subatomic world far more complex that when I did A-level physics at school.

Twitter Web App : Jaack Regardless of political correctness, etc, I find female commentators are adding a lot of insight.

Twitter Web App : The perfect appointment, Alex Scott has been one of the best pundits for years now. Well deserved! 👏…

Twitter Web App : People saying Alex Scott hasn't played Football at the highest level.
I'd forgotten Dan Walker had been captain for Man Utd under most of Ferguson 's reign.

Twitter Web App : Dan Walker, Jeff Stelling, Mark Chapman, Des Lynham, Jake Humphrey, Colin Murray, Richard Keys, Jim Rosenthal...

...None of them played even one minute of professional football.

So if you think Alex Scott is not qualified to present Football Focus, your issue is something else.

Twitter Web App : Dr Julia Grace Patterson💙 I reach different people on Facebook and here but prefer it here. I don't do Instagram, TikTok or others. As an #astronomy #writer, it is important for me to reach my audience but I can't resist the odd bit of fun or politics. I'm a radical centrist but tolerate others.

Twitter Web App : oorannob #QOTD I can answer this better than most, being 66 with an 89-year-old mum. The most frustrating thing is not being able to do things that you once enjoyed. Fortunately, I rediscovered #astronomy. As for my mum, she says she's ready to be with my dad, who died 8 years ago.

Twitter Web App : The stellar constellations of Auriga and Taurus:…

Twitter Web App : I still haven't completed copying my pictures from my computer. Being very selective, which is making it take ages. Tomorrow I'll be transferring some of my weather pictures. Basically every lightning picture and video I've ever taken.

Twitter Web App : Love Yes, about 4 times. Twice I thought I was dying. Once I thought I would never work again.

Twitter Web App : George Styles 50 years ago, I would have said playing chess
Today, I say presenting technical information in a manner that is easy-to-understand