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iPhone : I have at least three lizards who hang out in my backyard. I love ‘em.

Funny how they’re the only little guys with four or more legs I accept in my yard (other than my dogs and the neighbor’s cat).

I watch them eat flies. They seem so slow but get ‘em all the time!

iPhone : Excellent point by the doctor on MSNBC just now (didn’t catch his name).

What about the people who have been maimed by this disease? We never hear about them. These people may survive the infection but have permanently damage to kidneys, stroke, etc.

Why are we hiding them?

iPhone : I can hear Idiot’s response if given the same circumstance: “I like soldiers who don’t die in battle. They died and let us down.”…

iPhone : I know he’s been mad at and obsessed with Joe Scarborough for three years now, but was there a specific trigger for this current round of stratospheric lunacy?

iPhone : I never realized how much I enjoyed the ordinary handshake. I miss it so much. It was a simple connection made between friends as well as total strangers.

Yet another reason why you really suck, COVID.

iPhone : Given Idiot’s track record for bad investments, hearing about the ineffectiveness of hydroxychloroquine removes all doubt in me that Idiot has indeed invested in the company that makes the drug.

iPhone : I recall the courage of a 29 year-old who took on an unbeatable US senator, who, when his wife and daughter were killed, came home from DC every night to raise what was left of his family. I have to believe Americans will see past the gaffes to Joe Biden's guts and goodness.

iPhone : So, today:

- The United States crossed the 100,000 mark for deaths from COVID-19.

- The Idiot complained about Twitter not treating him fairly and threatened Executive Action against social media.

iPhone : 2020, y’all...

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iPhone : I wouldn’t say the Resident is a pansy.

Turns out pansies are fairly rugged little plants!

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President - The Atlantic…

iPhone : Media pundits seem to have a Spinal Tap complex when it comes to talking about riling up Magats.

They always say some actions will energize his base. These guys already have a Pavlovian response to anything Idiot does.

Magats don’t go to eleven. They’re already maxed out!