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iPhone : Ghana, Ethiopia, Senegal, Haiti, everywhere there is oppression against Black people should be of concern. Solidarity is solidarity. Pan-Africanism is Pan-Africanism. This picking and choosing is not it.

iPhone : A settler colony simply refers to a type of colonisation that aims to replace the original population of the colonised territory with a new society of settlers made up of people from the coloniser's origin as in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand etc

iPhone : Hampton University was founded by someone that fiercely believed in the notion that Black folk were inferior.

HBCUs have a long and turbulent history in America.

Now it makes sense why they banned locs from being worn on the campus.

iPhone : 𓋹𓍑𓋴Nyatsimba Mutota An Arabic settler in Mauritania once told me that their mission is to arabinize Africa
Litarily he told me that without any hesitation!

Because he knows that there are many of our African brothers are ready even to die helping them to do that
It's terrible!

iPhone : My soul wants I to truly be set free. Free from attachments & free from oppression. My soul wants I to be sovereign in the realm of natural law. Free from man-made laws & binding systems.

My soul wants I to truly experience FREEDOM! 🙌🏾

iPhone : #Senegal: More clashes in Dakar between Sonko’s supporters and security forces around Cheikh Anta Diop University. #Kebetu #FreeSenegal