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iPhone : If you want to start making a change in your life, start with observing how you speak. Your words create your reality. Notice how negative you can be. How can you achieve anything with that attitude?

iPhone : It is more important than ever to build a strong foundation within yourself. You have everything that you need within you.

iPhone : I really feel like spirit has been preparing me over the last few years to let go of attachment over material items. They won’t be necessary anymore and now I can fully live without anything except the bare necessities

iPhone : Jim Spivey My man and I are ordering cannabis right now to be Delievered to our home to create a Saturday ritual of smoking!! I haven’t smoked in sooooo long

iPhone : The universe often sends you people to give advice to, to reflect back that wisdom onto yourself. These beings serve as mirrors to reflect back to you the message you need to hear but are too stubborn to realize for yourself.

iPhone : If you aren’t a fully healed, aware channeler~ the messages you think you receive for someone else, are actually for you.

iPhone : It takes time to heal. It takes time break patterns that you’ve been stuck in your entire life. Be easy on yourself. Don’t give up when you fall back into an old pattern- but use it as an opportunity to encourage you even more to try again.

iPhone : Most cops do their jobs well. It is only a few that abuse power. No person and no organization is completely pure. We are all chaos and order. I only ask that the police of America root out what is wicked in their organization.

Then they are truly worthy of their power.

iPhone : I promise to write more later why porn causes damage to the human psyche. It's not that I don't have the knowledge. But I want to be careful with my words. Porn is bad, but there is much worse. It is a escape from reality that many people need.

I write not to wrong anyone.