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Bio Im simply a slutty Salazzle looking for some prey, or maybe to become prey. Its all up to you, cuties, wanna have a pet, or become some more fat for my hips~?
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Android : Jonas โœจ It's annoying, yea. Sometimes theres just say to many bots to even kick, that seems like one of those times sadly given how many were there. NA Servers normally deal with bots fast whenever we catch em out, unless they build up early so there isnt enough guys on the team to vote

Android : Jonas โœจ I hate servers that just let the bots stay and use em to win. Unless you dont have enough humans to kick all the bots, you have no reason to not at least try and kick them! Try canadian servers, if it doesnt lag to hard for you, near all of us kick the bots ASAP when they arrive

Twitter Web App : kasioโค๏ธ A lengthy digestion is always so nice, gives the predator plenty of time to get to know their snack and just how hot the stomach acids are~
Id have to say the best part has to be the digestion itself, watching as the helpless prey is gurgled up, knowing its nothing but food now~

Twitter Web App : ๐Ÿ’™Blu๐Ÿ’™ Sounds like hed make for wonderful prey then, so much heft added from a huge boy like himself, im sure he wont miss all that extra weight being placed on another pred~
And hey, if he wants it all back, im not opposed to seeing if he can fit all this down his own throat after~