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Twitter Web App : I know.. You know.. Chris Wray is part of the swamp.

Too many things held up from investigations.. too many dirty things still going on.. I bet the Resist is still going on…

Twitter Web App : No cousin.. I just had a talk about the JFK assasination. I was in the first grade back then. but have read and watched film clips. one buddy, a Ex Marine says there was a sniper in a manhole shooting out of a storm drain.

No clue.. but with the "dirty butt" things coming out…

Twitter Web App : HEY .John David Smith so, My very high dollar V4 air compressor has been overtaken by squirrels.. but I have Louie the dog on the job.

*hell destroy my shop like Butch destroyed the wiring on that cnc milling machine.

Twitter Web App : Dear Mainstream Media,

The higher the number of infections you keep putting out, the less that I am even scared of this virus.

Check your numbers, this virus isn't as deadly as you claim it is.


Twitter Web App : How is it possible Flynn is still not exonerated?! Judge Sullivam should be disbarredat the very least. Comey and company should be prosecuted. 'Trump Was Right': FBI Texts Detail Furor Over 'Crossfire Hurricane'…

Twitter Web App : OKAY .Donald J. Trump when on 2017 Whitehouse petition website the people asked you to declare Antifa a terrorist organization why did you not do it?

Okay fake news, why have you not made them financially liable for their mis-representations and lack of candor Lying?