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iPhone : When the president of the United States attacks a TV host by insisting he committed murder & should be investigated, are we really supposed to carry on as if this is normal & acceptable? I’m especially asking you, Republicans, who’ve put all your chips on this shameful disaster.

iPhone : Staten Islanders with masks drive out non-mask wearing person in grocery store. #Coronavirus

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iPhone : I am shocked and saddened by the actions of the protesters in Frankfort today. Never did I think I would see this type of behavior on our Capitol lawn. Today’s events should be condemned by every Kentuckian and American. Kentucky is better than this. I stand with our Governor.…

iPhone : Donald Trump is a bad president. He is a worse "doctor." In the midst of a pandemic, he has ignored the advice of scientists and physicians and has peddled unsound and dangerous medical ideas. For the health and well-being of this country, Trump must be defeated.

iPhone : Man.

The Photograph is streaming, Lovebirds dropped on Netflix and the reviews are hitting, Insecure has brushed by all of its past criticism and seems to be headed towards its best critically-received season.


You gotta stop and acknowledge when someone is going crazy.

iPhone : Donald J. Trump 100,000 Americans dead.

2,000,000 infected.

40,000,000 unemployed.

1 golfing.

You should resign in disgrace, Donald. Today.


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iPhone : This woman shutdown her business and laid off her 13 employees because her husband said he couldn’t handle being the primary caretaker for their 3yr old. 😐🥴🤦🏾‍♀️

In the words of ⁦Tressie McMillan Cottom⁩ “some of y’all do a whole lot to have a husband.”…

iPhone : I... what kind of man, what kind of partner lets their spouse dissolve a whole company to take over parenting because they cannot handle parenting a 3 year old? I am agog.…

iPhone : Good doggo thinks he found another bigger good doggo

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iPhone : We're in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, and Senate Republicans continue to delay relief for the American people saying, "I don’t see the need right now." Unbelievable.

We've got to take back the Senate this November.…