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iPhone : The Haters heads are gonna explode next week, because I’m gonna be EVERYWHERE on your 📺 and the internet promoting my new hit show Isaiah Washington: Kitchen Talk on Fox Nation #IWKT 🇺🇸

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iPhone : 5 Easy Steps To Save The World:

Trust your immune system more than big pharma.

Stand by your neighbors over your politicians.

Ignore celebrities and listen to your elders.

Learn the difference between Edison and Tesla.

And most importantly, never ever EVER tolerate tyranny.

iPhone : CREEPY: Maine Governor to Demand Restaurants Collect Patrons’ Data as Part of Reopen


Fun fact, if she attempts to enforce this violation of your 1st and 4th amendments, she forfeits her office and authority!…

iPhone : If the states don’t open schools this fall, that’s fine. We The People will go ahead and open them anyway.

We’ll organize amongst ourselves, commandeer the buildings - which belong to the tax payers anyway - and we’ll write all new curriculum.


iPhone : The Governor of Washington state just announced, in order to reopen, restaurants will need to ‘keep log of diners’ and track their info.

A. This is unconstitutional

B. Remember terrorist watch lists? Same thing

C. Your liberty is not terrorist activity

D. Don’t elect tyrants

Twitter Web App : Dear California,

It's your sister, Georgia. Things are good here. We opened 2 weeks ago & everyone's fine. Heard your leaders forgot who they work for. Do not let them push you around. If you need back up, let us know.

We will stand with you against tyranny.



iPhone : In the entire state of California there are 120,000 full-time law enforcement employees; just 80,000 are sworn law enforcement officers, with full arrest powers.

There are 40 million residents across the 170k square miles of California.

Now tell me.

Who’s in charge of who?

iPhone : We’ve had just the illusion of:

A free press
Equal justice
Functional government
A legal system
An economy
Heathy food
Real medicine
Necessary wars
Advanced technology

You are bearing witness to the shattering of all these illusions.

iPhone : Corey Lynn - Coreys Digs “Their models were all wrong. Numbers highly exaggerated. Yet they were prepared to go all the way – escalate a virus to astronomical proportions, shut the country down, shut the world down & attempt to bring us all into submission through fear tactics and mind games.”


iPhone : .Roseanne Barr and I are gonna work on this ‘thingy’ real soon and when we do and you see it, there will be liberal heads exploding all over the cotdamn country, so y’all keep your masks; gloves; wet mop; bucket and sanitizer near Patriots! 🇺🇸

iPhone : You want my medical data?

You want to trace me?

Track me?

See who I’ve had contact with, and where I’ve been?


Fun fact, the government can not just investigate you!

Know your rights.


iPhone : An0maly (BIG)Mikey Yes, it’s medical tyranny, it’s also just plain illegal.

You see, in the United States of America we have this thing called the 4th Amendment.

The government must obtain a warrant in order to legally pursue the collection of information about you.

Game over.

End of story.

iPhone : The mainstream media is not reporting on the unsealing of the Flynn documents and revelations of criminality at the highest levels of the FBI.

Keeping Americans from knowing the facts of this story is not just journalistic malpractice, it’s out right collusion and cover up.

iPhone : General Flynn was innocent all along.

Stormy never had an affair with Trump.

Covid was a ruse, and is basically the flu.

Oh, and Pentagon confirms aliens exist.

A typical Tuesday in 2020.