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iPhone : In a world full of false narratives, corruption, personal agendas, devastation and turmoil...Research, do your best to control what you can, try and hold your energy high, operate in faith and focus on solutions. Do what can you in a mode of empowerment.

iPhone : I try not to let the energy of what’s going on in the world get to me, but really what is going on in the world?! So much violence, murder and inequality πŸ’” dark energy is really trying to take over

iPhone : jaden smith initiated a healthier vegan foodtruck to feed the homeless on skid row & created a nonprofit that helps distributes water filtration systems to flint, mi. he also decided to produce a more eco-friendly brand of water. people rarely talk about that. 22 years old.

iPhone : I’m just not like them.. and I don’t wanna be. πŸ”± my mind is so deep and complex. I have psychic abilities I can’t explain & I just see things so differently. Misunderstood may be an understatement. πŸ’­

iPhone : I hate feeling like someone has control of me. That’s why I value freedom so much now πŸ¦‹ I don’t want anyone to tell me what I can or can’t do, or try to sabotage if it’s not what they want me to do.

iPhone : The more aligned you are the more possibilities you see

Learn to invest that energy on what’s yet to come

Not waste it on what already was

Dont revisit the same dead situations when your spirit comes to life

Take your fresh perspective somewhere new

See what you can discover