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Twitter Web App : wtf is this

its literally just a video of Ben singing really well

Twitter Web App : holy shit Ben can sing

Lincoln Project is pro Ben Shapiro now? twitter.com/ProjectLincoln…

Twitter Web App : This wasn't true when he tweeted it and it is not true now twitter.com/mmpadellan/sta…

Twitter Web App : Michael Tracey my family in Chicago said it never stopped, groups have been looting in smaller numbers non stop since late May

apparently it just hasn't been large enough until now for widespread news coverage

Twitter Web App : ive had a bunch of people tell me the riots converted them to team trump twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer…

Twitter Web App : According to police, a group of approximately 50-60 people targeted and began to vandalize the home on 100th Street and Vienna Street.


Android : This blew up horribly in their faces

Meet Adam Rahuba, the Left's Jacob Wohl twitter.com/adam_rahuba/st…

Twitter Web App : Valisdh i can at least say that the email they used is not Ben's legit email, just a generic daily wire email

Twitter Web App : someone put a generic public email for ben on a fake website.

the site is tied to a known troll, many acknowledge its fake but they want to roll with it anyway

Twitter Web App : again... the left just makes things up twitter.com/ElleStanger/st…

Twitter Web App : Tbh, Republicans are quite lucky that Democrats nominated a senile opponent and decided that a global pandemic was the perfect time for nationwide rioting and looting

A normal Democrat nominee leading a normal party would pose a serious problem right now

Twitter Web App : if trump had actually deployed feds to stop riots nationwide like the media claimed then chicago would have been fine last night

Twitter Web App : If you're still in a city and you haven't bought a gun the only thing I can say to you is

good luck twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/stat…

Twitter Web App : you think i wouldnt have to do this but its twitter so heres the disclaimer

its a joke