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Sprout Social : Pip spent the morning reading gardening tips.

She followed the suggestion to move a few plants into the sunshine, in hopes that they’ll grow faster.

She’s trying it out on herself too.

Sprout Social : Your homework assignment for the day:

Spend the day discovering the places you’ve never been by taking a closer look at the places you go to all the time.

📸: @sabercosmos

Sprout Social : Nickleby has an incredibly strange method for deciding when the grass needs to be cut.

He lies on his back. If he can’t see the sun, then it’s time.

Sprout Social : Bagstock felt playful today and fashioned a hat out of his neighbor’s flowers.

He’s thinking — “If I wear the hat out in the rain, will the it get bigger?”

📸: @bagstockthebabe

Sprout Social : This van isn’t going anywhere because it doesn’t have anywhere to go.

It’s already found its happy place.

Seems like Pip has too.

📸: @_princefroggy

Sprout Social : Pip just finished another book. She is considering writing her own.

In fact, she has a rough draft already started. It’s about a bear who loves to read.

It’s based on a true story.

📸: @tinyheaded_yung

Sprout Social : Pip and the entire Tiny Headed family are offering a very special Mother’s Day treat. A free pun.

Moms - you’re pawesome!

Now please step forward to collect your hug.

📸: @ame_ni_he

Sprout Social : “Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.”

Luckly, Pip had plenty of time to sit and wait for this rose to blossom.

He also has time to read poetry.

📸 : علوي الله