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Twitter for Mac : George Papadopoulos Are you still friends with that crazy conspiracy guy from the Century City Mall? Michael Carlin I think. That tweet looks like one of his insane jibberish brain farts. Be well my brother!!

Twitter for Mac : Mark Zuckerberg answers to no-one. Nothing & no-one can touch him. And now he’s broken Facebook’s own rules in allowing Trump’s hate speech to stand.

So this new campaign is interesting. Because without advertising there is no Facebook...…

Twitter for Mac : JT Lewis simmer down. Biden didn't say all stupid people are bad. Don't assume everything's about you

Twitter for Mac : Nice stuff Kanye West. Now think of a way you could use your considerable power to support your community before they get murdered. #OvalOfficeMAGAHatTrumpClown ye Donald J. Trump…

iPhone : Sasha is officially a member of our family. Another huge milestone today. Jax was baracaded in one bathroom with his Tik Tok & iPad so Sasha Boggs got to use Daddy’s Potty. Daddy’s Potty is a first class full service potty.

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Twitter for iPad : Lil’Ben Shapiro is a tool. America had institutional racism before cops had tanks but Jane Coaston & Ben Shapiro have excellent thoughts on how to rein in America’s out of control police force. So out of control, as horrified Ben Shapiro points out, they’re murdering white people too…

Twitter Web App : Mike Golic Jr) 's Twitter Profile">Mike Golic Jr Shotgun & 3-4 shells will answer all your stupid critter questions Mike Golic Jr) 's Twitter Profile">Mike Golic Jr Don't even have to get off the couch

Twitter Web App : Attention white supremacists:
Here comes the future... and she ain’t takin’ shit from nobody.

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Twitter Web App : Ennuiney Todd Your family doesn't like you do they? Think it's because you're gay? It's not. It's because you're so fucking annoying. Zoom your entire family immediately and apologize unconditionally to each and every one of those poor son of a bitches before it's too late.#blacklifematters

Twitter Web App : Ennuiney Todd he lives in nice house WeHo nice which is way better than QC or Ottumwa nice glory hole part was a bit much.he sure doesn't look like Iowa crazy gun racist fucker.I think this guy is new to the klan I also think he's lonely the way he's standing with the door open. Thoughts?

Twitter Web App : This poser Craig Gore lives in West Hollywood. Is this a photoshoot, open house or glory hole? Loving his stylist.…

Twitter for Mac : sue Charles M. Blow Drew Brees misses gramps. Thinks whole world stops because US flag reminds him of his fucking grandpas. Mine was 42nd Rainbow 1st man into Dachau. Gave me 4 Nazi flags he took off Nazi's trying to kill him. Nazi flags make me emotional. Israel too. Diff flags for diff people✡️❤️