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iPhone : 💥✈️💥

Fireworks and

Aircraft over

Los Angeles


#TuesdayThoughts #TimeLapse
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iPhone : Singer This is what I do ;)

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iPhone : ✈️

Have you ever thought about flying to Greenland?

Think again.


#Travel #Crazy #TuesdayThoughts
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iPhone : 🌸

So Cool!


#Photography #MondayMotivation
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iPhone : #RandomActOfKindness

Scuba Divers rescued four

giant/gentle Whale Sharks

each the size of a car

trapped in fishing nets.


#Ocean #MondayMotivation
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iPhone : 💦

This Hydro Electric Turbine can harvest #GreenEnergy in water currents as slow as 2mph!

There are over 1 Billion people without access to electricity.

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

#Tech #Innovation #MondayMotivation
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Twitter for iPad : 2 Cruise Ships crash off

Cozumel, Mexico.

Just missing a 3rd!


#SundayFunday #Wow #Crazy
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iPhone : This is Larry the Hummingbird.

Larry & I have a Love/Hate relationship.

Larry hates me.

He attacks me every time I refill HIS feeder. Sometimes smacking the bill of my baseball cap.

Of course he attacks anything that gets close to his feeder.

So maybe its not me.


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iPhone : 💥🚁

Fireworks over Los Angeles.

Wondering if KTLA helicopter reporters got “Combat Pay” on the 4th?

Crazy Night!



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iPhone : 🌋



#Volcano #SaturdayThoughts
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iPhone : 🦁

When you finally realize your

cat has opposing thumbs!


#Caturday #Evolution Lou Diamond Phillips
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