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Founder/CEO at RADAR Industries, Focused on investment, Startup, user happiness, transparency & company culture. Im always learning and love to help, say hi!

Twitter Web App : Cute friends 🐈🐥🧡🐥🐈

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Android : أترككم مع الصوت الخالد للكلمة بعد ان عاث فيه فسادا ً مدعي الفن للكلمة والاغنية ببذاءاات الكلمات التي تخدش الحياء والذوق تحت مسميات القذارة التي ابتكروها فيما يتعلق بالحرية للفضاء العالمي الذي يجب ان يقبله الجميع في زمن العولمة الكاذب الصوت والصورة ( تصبحون على خير )

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Tweetbot for iΟS : this is a must-watch for everyone. yes we should all read books. but this powerful speech by Kimberly Jones sums up so much in just 6 minutes.


Android : There are many pregnant prisoners in India.

Why raise voice only for Safoora Zargar & not for others?

Dont play victim card to such extent that you make fun of pregnancy.

Recently in Maharashtra, pregnant prisoner got COVID-19. How many raised voice for her or know her name?

Twitter Web App : 今日でTwitterはじめて





Twitter Web App : Does anybody else look at the WM cabinet and think Drones (PG Wodehouse ones)? Except nastier?

Twitter Web App : Tear-jerker Alert! New Ep #24 Santa Hears You. Download to hear how this Santas hearing loss affected his job with the kiddos & how cochlear implants restored not only his hearing but his faith in his role as #Santa again. Mary Richards #hearingimpaired…

iPhone : Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were both killed by police officers but her death has received less attention. Researcher and author Andrea Ritchie explains why black women’s encounters with police are often ignored. (Andrea Ritchie)

Khoros : One single person can make a difference and that person is you. Find out how you can become a torchbearer and help save the ocean, here:

iPhone : A person convicted of second-degree murder may be sentenced to prison for up to 40 years…

Android : On this day in 1944, thousands of young Canadians waded into a hell of German machine gun fire on Juno beach and gained a staggering victory against the Nazi war machine in the process.

iPhone : #FallingInLoveCanMakeYou say things a little differently.

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Android : Dont worry Ill wait for you...

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