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iPhone : Even at a low estimate, in the context of worsening repression, if only 15k came a year to London from Hong Kong, over 15 years that is 225k people, which would bring a new feel to London.

iPhone : Bruno is right: opening the doors to 2.9m Hong Kongers will change London forever. This is a historic decision that will make the capital even more of a Eurasian city.…

iPhone : Stimulating piece by Sam Bowman. Now wondering where there’s a bit of space on the NE coast to build a charter city ... maybe Newbiggin could be the Hong Kong of Northumberland ...…

iPhone : Extraordinary that the UK is broadening its offer of visa rights to 3m people from Hong Kong, up from 300,000 pvsly. Beijing likely to be incensed.…

iPhone : What are the main theories explaining the greater disparity in excess deaths vs official deaths in Britain than other countries?

iPhone : And hard to see how any of this will be changed at European Council, which has many other concerns. That makes UK refusal to extend transition positively perverse: unless it actively wants no deal in December, to bury all the negative effects of Brexit. 3/3

iPhone : LPF, governance barely touched so far in negotiations. UK insistence on no role for ECJ (which is sole interpreter of EU law) a huge problem. But EU also taking maximalist positions on state aids and fisheries 2/3

iPhone : Based on Frost/Barnier letters, Frost/Gove evidence this week and deRynck at IFG, hard not to conclude there will be no progress next week. Covid-19, two sides talking past each other, clashing and inflexible mandates 1/3

iPhone : This is impressive. Britain is opening its doors to *2.9m* people Hong Kong for extendable 12 month periods which will provide “a pathway to citizenship.”…

iPhone : Interesting - Britons back Raab's proposal to offer 315,000 Hong Kongers greater visa rights to live and work in UK (if China imposes repressive security law), finds YouGov

Support: 42%
Oppose: 24%
Don't know: 34%…

iPhone : You don't have to support Dominic Cummings to know the scenes outside his house are unnecessary and intolerable - with or without social distancing…

iPhone : Would there be a more effective way of re-energising the post-Covid UK economy than the injection of 300,000 enterprising Hong Kongers?…