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Bio Postdoc at @OxExpPsy and @FMRIB. MEG, oscillations, attention, computation, modelling, brain stimulation.
Location Oxford, England
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Twitter Web App : Videos like this will always amaze me...

Astronomer Jan Koet captured this video in 2007 of Saturn appearing behind the Moon. Nothing like seeing the movement of planetary bodies through space to remind us that were living in a Solar *System*


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Twitter Web App : Had a really fun and informative morning playing with WIlson-Cowan models and vector fields via Neuromatch Academy.

Thanks SO much to the content creators for making and sharing this super-valuable resource.

Twitter Web App : Anne Urai Roll die and flip coin.

Take die score minus one. If heads, add five. If die rolls six, discard and start again.

Will generate uniform numbers 0-9.

Twitter Web App : We process language insanely fast, but how do we do it? Is it still a mystery MaxPlanck-Psycholinguistics Donders Institute ?

- With Vitoria Piai


Check the full episode -…

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Twitter Web App : 1) Given that this is normal, it's good to *know* that this is normal.

2) WHY is this normal?…

Android : One of the biggest mysteries of Covid-19 has been why some people become very ill, while a large number of people who are infected show no symptoms at all. It turns out that this protection may be linked to the most mundane of illnesses…the common cold. A thread.

Android : You are a postdoctoral fellow OR you mentor or advise a postdoctoral fellow?

Check this comprehensive list of 346 funding opportunities for postdocs (eligibility, deadline, amount, source, etc):…

Twitter Web App : Are you a PhD student at the end of your doctorate or a postdoc in your very first years, and would like to showcase your research to the Oxford University Cortex Club neuroscience community? Apply here!…

Android : Does anyone have a recent(ish) successful Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship application that they'd be willing to share with me and a potential applicant?


Android : Hiya tweeps getting started with EEG-BIDS for the first time. I see there are some handy functions/code/Git to convert to BIDS data structure from Fieldtrip & EEGLAB. Just wondering about any additional handy lectures/info anyone has come across that could help a newbie, thx

Twitter Web App : Camilla Babbage Exactly! Some people seem to think their job is to be as mean as possible. Maybe they've received mean reviews themselves and learned that this is how you're supposed to review.