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TweetDeck : That FFXIV 5.3s Boss Track tho? It slaps hard.
ニー祖堅 is a funky man, speed up his music and youll notice.

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Android : the apple/epic thing really showing that the real super corporate state is much stupider and more boring than any almost any fiction could've ever predicted

Android : The worker did what she had to do. I support. I’m tired of these people trying to make “funny content” at the expense of fast food workers like they don’t already have to deal with other rude entitled customers throughout the day. This shit is definitely not funny 😤…

Android : If you're nervous about higher level content in FFXIV, I can't recommend enough that you just join in prog groups on the first two weeks of new content.

Everyone basically sucks, which means the stakes are surprisingly low. You'll be able to farm easy after 1st clear.

Android : I wish the discourse on why America got steamrolled by this virus was a little less "people going out and having fun" and a little more "this country has no paid sick leave, our health care is a disaster, and the GOP isn't the only party prioritizing the economy"