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iPhone : Thank you very much to all Fulham Football Club supporters worldwide & thank you so much to the squad & staff for this great win today! 4 wins in a row, 3 straight clean sheets! We are in a great position with everything to play for thanks to our squad, staff, & supporters! Come on Fulham!

iPhone : While we don’t charge ppv $ for the show, I hugely appreciate the investment of time anyone makes when they watch #AEWDynamite or any AEW content, & that’s why it’s important to me that you know that if you invested your time watching Fyter Fest, thank you for helping us succeed!

iPhone : Thank you to all who helped make the Fyter Fest on #AEWDynamite a huge success these past 2 weeks, especially fans, wrestlers & crew. We finished in Top 7 in the 18-49 demo the past 2 weeks, + last night our best 18-34 audience since March , #2 last night in 12-34 males as well!

iPhone : JESnowden Yes, I’m obsessed with winning the demo, but our relative performance in the demo vs. all programming is the most important thing. It’s like, you want to pass for more yards than the opposing QB, it’s fun & an easy thing to track, but winning the game is what matters most by far.

iPhone : My favorite thing about some of the frequent repliers to my tweets is how the 18-49 demographic is these people’s best friend on Mondays and Fridays, and then they act like they never heard of it on Wednesdays.

iPhone : Why tweet about ratings? Because I’m thrilled about these numbers & so are TNT. My family drinks A Little Bit of the Bubbly (Chris’s actual brand) on Thursdays when we’re in the top 10, this is the 3rd time in 4 weeks, & I’m grateful for the great #AEW fans that make it possible!

iPhone : Here’s the chart the industry uses to analyze performance. The leftmost color-coded column is 18-49 demo. The rightmost color-coded column is total viewers. The chart’s ranked by 18-49 viewers. We love & value all viewers, in or outside that demo, but that’s how we score the game

iPhone : If anyone thinks I consider being a top 7 show on cable anything but a huge win, they’re incorrect. A win in the demo is a win in the business, and this is a business. I know the industry wasn’t talking about the demo as much 20 years ago, but it’s what drives our revenue today.

iPhone : Geoff Pruce Great knowledge. I learned his family history when he played in the U17 Euros a few years ago in the same England squad with Luca Ashby-Hammond, & the commentators would often mention Tommy’s family. Fair play to them for mentioning it often because their family has a great story

iPhone : Big Swole 💪🏾 Fair enough on the coffee, but take away the kidnapping, which we can’t condone, and then I thought the coffee was offset by the garbage (twice) + then using your credential and an #AEW facemask to get back into the building under false pretenses, so I’d say call it even on that.

iPhone : Cody v. Sonny for the TNT Championship next week on #AEWDynamite is a huge part of the Fight for the Fallen card! And we’re live now with our Fyter Fest main event, we have no more commercial breaks, all action with Orange Cassidy v. Chris Jericho in this amazing match! Thank you…

iPhone : Coming up on #AEWDynamite in this picture-in-picture break, as Orange Cassidy battles Chris Jericho in this awesome Fyter Fest main event, we’re about to reveal the secret hashtag you can tweet and have a chance to win an #AEW prize pack or a Zoom call with Chris Jericho himself!

iPhone : We’ve just announced big matches for Fight For The Fallen next week! We have more on that show tonight after Fyter Fest! Now on #AEWDynamite, our main event Orange Cassidy v. Chris Jericho. Orange is on fire, Chris Jericho in a main event always delivers, this will be a great match