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Bio Cognitive Linguist doing research on Natural Language Understanding with Frames and Constructions @FrameNetBrasil and @GlobalFrameNet (he/him)
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iPhone : For those of you wondering about online academic events open to the public focusing on linguistics and multimodality that you can attend to quench your thirst for knowledge...
🧵Here's a list I've compiled, feel free to add your own:

iPhone : The key to success in language learning is appealing to the learners favorite topics. Congratulations, Babbel. Just when I was about to decide #Swedish was too hard!

iPhone : The world needs science now more than ever. Join me in supporting scientific thinking and #urgencyofscience today. Visit research.ibm.com/urgencyofscien… to learn more.

iPhone : Unable to contain his excitement, he said: “Then you must tell me their story today!!!”.
Me: “Thousands of years ago, there was this king named Ulysses...”
Before falling asleep he asked me to show him a picture of Polyphemus tomorrow morning.
Achievement unlocked!

iPhone : He went on to tell me that the reason why he likes it so much is because it has only one eye, and I quote him: “It is the only creature I know of with only one eye!”. I then told him Cyclops only have one eye too.

iPhone : From Sonic (the Hedgehog) to Homer (not the Simpson, the Greek) in one bedtime story. A thread.

My son is crazy about Sonic and today, while choosing which story I should tell him before going to bed, he said he’d like to hear one about the Egg Robot Sentinel. This guy 👇

iPhone : A Anvisa hoje deu uma lição de civismo, mesmo com um Ministério da Saúde e uma Presidência ocupados por negacionistas. É importante que quem já reconheceu a inviabilidade do presidente reconheça também o risco que o neoliberalismo suicida do Guedes representa pra sua vida.

iPhone : E mais! Funcionários públicos com ESTABILIDADE são os únicos capazes de garantir que o interesse público prevaleça sobre os desmandos dos aloprados que, vez por outra, ocupam as posições de poder.

iPhone : Importante lembrar:
a pesquisa envolveu financiamento público
liderada por duas grandes instituições públicas
em parceria com outras instituições públicas
todas elas operadas por funcionários públicos

E a vacina vai ser aplicada pelo SUS, uma rede de saúde pública! twitter.com/JFMargarida/st…

iPhone : Precisely! As I pointed out in a recent long thread, we must reframe what Language Models are and how they are built. twitter.com/vrandezo/statu…

iPhone : Hi!

I'm a masters in Linguistics with experience in Named Entity Linking, Error Categorization.

I am also good at writing (research in Linguistics, in digital humanities, online language policy, etc.) Please amplify to help me find work? 🥺

iPhone : It was not an accident. It was not an unexpected turn of events. This government chose chaos and must be held accountable for it! Enough is enough! Bolsonaro must be removed from office. Now!