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Bio We are UK parents & professionals concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender.
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Twitter Web App : I used to look constantly ill. Im just noticing how much healthier i look now! 🌞 Transing at 15, & the anxiety that came with, was bad for me, it made me visibly unhealthy right into my early 20s.
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Twitter Web App : ****NEWS****

The Court of Session granted permission today for Judicial Review to proceed against Scottish Ministers for redefining “Woman” and a substantive hearing has been assigned for 7th January 2021.

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Twitter Web App : Good news! The US Office for Civil Rights has agreed that Franklin Pierce University’s transgender sports participation & inclusion policy is in violation of #TitleIX, which prohibits discrimination in educational programs & activities, including athletics, on the basis of SEX.…

Twitter Web App : A big thank you to my friends at TransgenderTrend Rachel Rooney Jessica Ahlberg, Stephanie & all the Trannsgender Trend team for sending me this book. They took a lot of heat for this book; the haters had to have backed away from the claim that you can be born in the wrong body.

Twitter Web App : TransgenderTrend England Rugby So WHY aren’t sporting National governing bodies NGBs in the uk not being forced to use these laws to protect fair sport& even more importantly for safety of females athletes ? They now have huge in depth peer reviewed evidence that show rules on reduced T are not fit for purpose

Twitter Web App : Sick 2death of Woman’s sports & woman’s issues being unimportant, being decided on primarily by men as what seems an after thought. Your job as sports governing bodies is to implement fair &safe rules 4competition 4both sexes inc safe participation from rugby 2 gymnastics

Twitter Web App : Sharron Davies MBE England Rugby Lobby groups like Stonewall have have misrepresented the Equality Act to suit their agenda for years, and have provided 'diversity & inclusion' training, women have been ignored. Sport England is a Stonewall Diversity Champion. Sporting bodies afraid to be called 'transphobic'.

Twitter Web App : People say sports need to be more inclusive. We agree.

In the UK there are 30,000 amateur club players in Rugby Union. Embarrassingly only 16% are women.

If we want more inclusion we must give women and girls a safe and fair way to play sport

@englandrugby @welshrugbyunion

Twitter Web App : Protection of womens sport was built into the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and reinforced by the Equality Act 2010. England Rugby should note that this is to enable fair competition and safety for women and girls. Heres what the GRA says:

Twitter Web App : How many parents with girls in the school rugby team- starting to shine- are rethinking everything now? I certainly am! The better she gets, the closer we get to a time when her life will be in danger because of “be nice”.

Twitter Web App : New chart. Effects of puberty blockers for blocking >Normal Puberty< on bone density of adolescent females over time. The left bar is the mean bone density of the entire population (50th percentile). To the right of that is PB group.

Twitter Web App : Thread. World Rugby listened to everyone, including sports scientists.
The England Rugby policy promotes only lobby groups with the political aim to erase the category 'female' in sport.
Categories in sport are by definition exclusive. That is how fairness in sport is maintained.…

Twitter Web App : If it’s not ok for a 15 yr old boy to play in the under 10s ( because it’s an unfair advantage & dangerous) why is it ok for biological males to play in the woman’s rugby team ? England Rugby please explain?

Twitter Web App : It's time to stop using the word 'inclusion' to justify policies based on the exclusion of girls and women. The England Rugby policy will exclude females from their own category by making it unsafe for them to play.…