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Bio First Yield Farm on Tron. First Tron Project that passed 3rd party security audit. In the spirit of YFI: No pre-mine, no founder shares, no VC interest.
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Twitter Web App : I just published SAL snapshot, SLM burn, team fund address

Twitter Web App : 14:00 UTC, SAL-SLM exchange shutdown.

14:15 UTC, SAL-TRX pool open for refund.

14:45 UTC, PEARL-Trx, TAI-Trx open for refund.

Get ready.

Twitter Web App : I just published Release of Locked LP Token Schedule

Twitter Web App : We will shutdown token-exchange and release LP tokens within 24 hours. Please stay alerted and it's advised to remove liquidity asap once you get back your LP token.

Twitter Web App : Unused 555,487 #SAL burnt. Extra Pre-allocated #SLM will burn once the token exchange ends.…

Twitter Web App : New SLM Token:


Twitter Web App : New schedule. Please unstake as planned to avoid fund loss.

Twitter Web App : New pool numbers and math.…

TweetDeck : (1/3) We would like to announce an Observation List of $SUN 🌞Mining Pool Community. The observation list of SUN mining pool community serves as a reference for mining pool listing.

Candidates vary from TRC10/20 to non-TRC10/20 assets.…

Twitter Web App : With the #SAL token changing to new one, we will switch the current pools staking asset to sSwap LP tokens as well. Please help report bug to, we will reward bounty according to the bugs severity.

Hopefully we have a production one in 24 hrs. cheers!

Twitter Web App : Key Facts:
1. The beta release is only functional test and NO liquidity is added at the moment.
2. In 24 hrs the team will add more liquidity and open new USDt/TRX sSwap LP and CRT-USDt sSwap LP pools to help add more liquidity on sSwap.
3. We will need a #SAL token replacement.

Twitter Web App : I just published Development Update on

Twitter Web App : If you have accidentally sent USDt funds to contracts, contact Tether team for recovery. The TronFi team just helped one of our community member with his lost 18k USDt funds sent to our contract.