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Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic So what? Masks are important. Do you dispute that? So, in the public view, where it matters most, he puts on his mask so he could lead by example.

Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic So, to make sure I understand this correctly, if the President of the United States is saying it's ok to not wear a mask, and people act on that information and don't wear one despite experts begging people to wear them that's not the fault of the president?

Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic States are STILL competing with each other for all of that. The federal government could have fixed that. It chose to let every state fend for itself. The federal government completely failed at helping get PPE.

I personally spoke to hospital administrators on the front line.

Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic Your claim was that the US is in better shape than most countries. That is what this conversation has been about. You have not provided any evidence to support that assertion. In fact, I have shown just the opposite using your own links and data.

Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about the annoyingly large number of people who are adamant about not wearing masks. Trump has NO responsibility for any of them being anti-masks?

Twitter Web App : CheckYourLogic You do know some hospitals are at the verge of being overrun in Houston right? The hospitals are sounding alarm bells. That's NOT from cases being counted more than once.

What explains that?

Even Greg Abbott is asking EVERYONE to wear masks because the situation is dire.

Twitter Web App : Rosie Yes, the 2 things the glue is good for, gluing fingers and caps! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Android : CheckYourLogic Who is the person in the video? What are her credentials?

I want links and data from legitimate scientists and anything Diamond & Silk Tweet is suspect. I'm not going to waste time vetting the person in the video.

Android : CheckYourLogic So, you don't believe he should lead by example?

You don't think there is a direct link between the president's words and actions and many of the people refusing to wear masks?