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iPhone : first off god i hate the people that take their emotions out on people who don’t deserve it and second off do you guys like my new background

iPhone : wobble

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iPhone : Yesterday i felt pretty big pre dinner so i took these. Post dinner i was feeling even bigger and that made me mad horny so ive got some goodies to post later 😉

iPhone : ugh my back hurts so much today someone step on me hahahaha like to fix my back hahaha no other reason lol hahahaha just do it haha

iPhone : ✨ Dead leaf KV✨ 1312 noooo your art looks amazing and i’ll stand by that until i die 😩 i love your style, how well you draw different parts of the anatomy, and overall your art is super special and something you should cherishhhh. if i weren’t broke i’d literally pay you to draw me a snail i swear

iPhone : f l o p

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iPhone : Cosmic☆Bloblin come and find out, although i gotta warn you, i tend to just sit down no matter the situation if i’m feeling tired so there’s about a 90 percent chance i’ll sit on you “by accidentttt”

iPhone : yes i am the big pissy, someone tell me it’s gonna be okay and plant a kiss on my forehead. and by plant a kiss on my forehead i mean literally plant a flower called a kiss on my forehead. just say omg Alex it’s okay, also yeah my name’s alex so hi

iPhone : i love it when a 50 something year old man bad mouths and talks shit about an 18 year old who didn’t even do anything wrong

iPhone : i wanna sit on someone

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