Ryanair Epidemiology Expert (on RTE speed dial) (@TurloughADK )

Ryanair Epidemiology Expert (on RTE speed dial)

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Twitter Web App : CUTE: The US Army Has Spelled "TRANS RIGHTS" In Letters Visible From Space Using Only Corpses

Twitter Web App : Praising people for leaving the Green Party after a year in coalition with FF/FG is how you end up with people "on the left" feeling they can openly support the Soc Dems. It's kindergarten leftism and it needs to stop if we're remotely serious.

Twitter Web App : Elvis Buñuelo I don't think anyone trusts them - I didn't trust them, long-term, with the initial lockdown strategy, which ran contrary to their instincts. It was largely public pressure and solidarity that flattened the curve, backed up by simple binary decision-making forced on the govt.

Android : #ZeroCovid pros

✅ Fewer deaths
✅ Give hospitals a chance to recover
✅ A swift return to social mixing

#ZeroCovid cons

❌ Simon Coveney would have to do some actual work
❌ Pro-regime columnists would look even more stupid and dishonest
❌ Private jets might get a bit rusty

Android : I think FG are against quarantine on the off chance some working class person ends up in a 5 star hotel for two weeks.