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Bio Mom of 3 boys, wife, lawyer, former NYC prosecutor, life long Democrat. Trump must be removed!
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iPhone : No wonder Pompeo didn’t want an IG on his tail: State Dept officials involved in the dinners said they raised concerns internally that the events were essentially using fed’l resources to cultivate a donor & supporter base for Pompeo's political ambitions.…

iPhone : Ted Cruz You’re framing it wrong. The level of corruption in this administration is unprecedented which compelled an intervention by the outgoing administration.

iPhone : Does anyone know what the date was when Ron DeSantis knee-capped the independent skilled person collecting the COVID data? Because Ive never seen a chart like this: Suddenly, on a single day, 5,000 people were cured. What political operative has Desantis got running data now?

iPhone : This is outrageous!

Rebekah Jones, the manager of Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard has been involuntarily removed from her position because she refused to censor some data to, in her own words, "drum up support for the plan to reopen."

iPhone : Jeff Tiedrich It’s actually an indictment of our public education system. If Trumpers have taught us anything, it’s that we need a major overhaul once these ppl are out of office.

iPhone : Ted Cruz That’s going low? He never even mentioned Trump’s name. Trump called you Lyin’ Ted called ur wife ugly and said ur dad killed JFK. That’s low and yet YOU support him!