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iPhone : The racism David Lammy, Black MPs and Black people across our society are subjected to is disgraceful.

Social media platforms must be quicker at taking action against hate.

Racism has no place online or anywhere in our society.…

Twitter Web App : Today is Rakshabandhan, a day to celebrate the unique bond of love between sister and brother. I wish all those celebrating, love and happiness on this beautiful occasion. #HappyRakshaBandhan

TweetDeck : It is deeply saddening to hear of the death of John Hume.

Life across the island of Ireland is peaceful and more prosperous today because of his courage, vision and determination.

He guided away from violence and towards justice, tolerance and democracy.

TweetDeck : John Hume takes his rightful place in the pantheon of leaders whose legacy is of creating a better world for the next generation.

My thoughts, and those of all in the labour movement, are with Pat, John, Mo and the Hume family.

Twitter Web App : The government's failure to extend the furlough scheme in the hardest hit sectors is a deeply ideological decision. Stepping back at this crucial moment in the crisis will make us all losers. My article in The Guardian today.…

TweetDeck : With infections rising, it’s frankly negligent ministers have failed to deliver on their promise to regularly test care home residents and staff.

The Government failed to protect care homes early on in this crisis.

They can't make the same mistake again.…

TweetDeck : Today we remember the Roma genocide, where more than 500,000 Roma and Sinti people were killed by the Nazis.

We must never forget those who lost their lives and were persecuted under the Nazi regime.


TweetDeck : How have the Government changes to the furlough scheme affected you? Don’t stay quiet, take action. Email your MP now. 👇…

iPhone : Our fantastic tourist destinations need support.

Labour is fighting for jobs in every part of the country.

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iPhone : The reward for months of hard work and sacrifice by the British people cannot be a P45.

Join our campaign to save jobs:…

iPhone : The PM nominating Claire Fox-who was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party that defended the 1993 Warrington IRA bombings at the time & has not even given a full public apology-for a seat in the Lords shows terrible judgment and crass insensitivity to the victims.

TweetDeck : Jobs are at risk across the UK because of the decisions made by the Tory government. Tell your MP how you feel by writing to them now 👇…

TweetDeck : Today, the Government's changes to the furlough scheme come into play, risking countless jobs across the country. Tell your MP how you feel and write to them here 👇…

iPhone : We will fight for every job across the country.

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iPhone : Infection rates rising & devastating confirmation of highest excess deaths in Europe we support action taken. But ministers need to go further:

🦠 We need mass testing regime.
🦠 Effective contact tracing & support for isolation.
🦠Clear communications.…

Twitter Media Studio : Today marks the first day that those who are high risk are advised to stop shielding. But the Prime Minister’s confusing communications have left many people unsure what to do next.
Here’s @VickyFoxcroft 🗣

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iPhone : The reward for months of hard work and sacrifice by the British people cannot be a P45. Labour will fight for jobs, jobs, jobs.

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iPhone : As of today, support for businesses and jobs begins to end.

By refusing to tailor support to hard-hit sectors, the government is making an historic mistake that puts people’s livelihoods at risk.

Labour will fight for jobs across the country.

TweetDeck : The Government has until tomorrow to reverse their disastrous plan to withdraw furlough support in the worst-hit sectors. This is a historic mistake to hand a P45 to countless workers in Britain. Write to your MP today and demand they stand up for workers.…