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Twitter Media Studio : 0️⃣ Achieve global carbon neutrality.
💵 Align global finance behind the #ParisAgreement.
🌎 Deliver a breakthrough on adaptation to protect the world from climate impacts.

António Guterres outlines 3 critical components to tackle the climate crisis. bit.ly/36vSOFt

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Twitter Media Studio : We are 1.5 billion strong and, notwithstanding the fact we disproportionately bear the brunt of the worst effects of the global health crisis, we are still here.
--SDG Advocate Eddie Ndopu on Thursdays Day of People with Disabilities. bit.ly/39D6BvI #GlobalGoals #IDPD

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Twitter Web App : Technology can help them to participate and contribute to the creation of inclusive societies.

For this Thursday's #DisabilitiesDay, let’s use the power of technology to empower people with disabilities all around the world!

on.unesco.org/2Ru7YAV #IDPD pic.twitter.com/Hut0akwMfw

TweetDeck : Now is the time to transform humankind’s relationship with the natural world – and with each other.

And we must do so together.

Solidarity is humanity. Solidarity is survival.

-- António Guterres on the state of the planet. bit.ly/36vSOFt #ClimateAction

Twitter Web App : #COVID19 is more than a global health crisis – it’s a socio-economic, humanitarian, security & human rights crisis. The United Nations General Assembly will be holding a special session on COVID-19 on 3-4 December. Follow the conversation [LIVE]: bit.ly/33gSOHm. #UNGASS.

Twitter Web App : The central objective of the United Nations for 2021 is to build a Global Coalition for Carbon Neutrality.

Every country, city, financial institution & company should adopt plans for net zero emissions by 2050.

Every individual must also do their part - as consumers, producers, investors.

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iPhone : 🌡️ 2020 set to be among 3 warmest years on record
🧊 Ice and glaciers are melting
🌊 Ocean heat is at record levels

World Meteorological Organizations #StateOfClimate report stresses the urgent need for #ClimateAction:

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Twitter Web App : Do you have questions about ending violence against women and girls?

UN Women experts are here to answer them during the #16Days of Activism!

Tap below to tweet your question and we'll answer as many as we can. #askUNWomen

Twitter Web App : 📈80 million forcibly displaced
🧒🏾30 million displaced children
😷COVID19 pandemic

UNHCR continues to respond to humanitarian crises around the world, protecting and assisting refugees, displaced and stateless people.

📃 Our Appeal for 2021 is out now: unhcr.org/globalappeal20…

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TweetDeck : Mindsets are shifting.

More & more people are understanding the need for their own daily choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

Young people are pushing their elders to do whats right.

-- António Guterres on the need for #ClimateAction bit.ly/36vSOFt

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Twitter Web App : 2020 is set to be one of warmest years on record. Not even a cooling #LaNiña will put a brake on the heat. The #Arctic has seen exceptional warmth, with temperatures up to 5°C above average, per WMO #StateofClimate report
#climatechange #ClimateAction

TweetDeck : The world must decrease fossil fuel production by 6% per year to limit catastrophic global warming.

Instead, #COVID19 recovery plans could result in increases.

We need urgent #ClimateAction to close the #ProductionGap: bit.ly/37pRq6o via UN Environment Programme pic.twitter.com/RG1QW1wGO2

Twitter Web App : Our planet is in a state of climate emergency.
But I also see hope.

There is momentum toward carbon neutrality. Many cities are becoming greener. The circular economy is reducing waste. Environmental laws have growing reach. And many people are taking #ClimateAction.

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Twitter Media Studio : As some of us brace for cold & flu season, World Health Organization (WHO)’s Consultant Epidemiologist, Dr. Amjad Alkouly, explains how you can protect yourself & your family from these illnesses amid #COVID19.

Help share more verified information that saves lives: shareverified.com/en

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Twitter Web App : The world must decrease fossil fuel production by 6% per year to limit catastrophic global warming.

Instead, countries are planning increases.

We need urgent action to close the #ProductionGap: bit.ly/37pRq6o

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iPhone : We have a chance to not simply reset the world economy but to transform it. A sustainable economy driven by renewable energies will create new jobs, cleaner infrastructure & a resilient future.

-- António Guterres calls for #ClimateAction. bit.ly/36vSOFt

Twitter Web App : Globally, 24.9 million people are still subjected to forced labour, which traps victims in servitude, debt & poverty.

On Wednesdays Abolition of Slavery Day, support @ILOs global movement to end slavery once and for all. 50forfreedom.org

Twitter Web App : Lower-paid workers have been disproportionately affected by the #COVID19 crisis, increasing wage inequalities. Adequate minimum wages can protect workers and reduce #inequality.

Read the Global Wage Report 2020-21: buff.ly/3odAIhp

Twitter Web App : Slavery is not simply a matter of history.

Today, more than 40 million people are still victims of contemporary slavery.

I call on countries, civil society & the private sector to strengthen their efforts to end this abhorrent practice. bit.ly/3ohopjY