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Hootsuite Inc. : “How will the world be for him growing up?”

Peter Hove Olesen doesn’t know what awaits his three-year-old son in Denmark, but for now, Vester enjoys playing with his trucks in the garden.

Even during the most confusing times, there is joy in the little things.

iPhone : Last year I met Hamsatou at a UNICEF-supported centre in Mali. She was displaced by violence and she told me she wanted to become a teacher.

Today, I couldn’t be happier to hear that shes teaching children in the camp to protect themselves from #COVID19.

Bravo Hamsatou!

Hootsuite Inc. : Every morning, Indigo calls his grandmother and they learn together for an hour. This keeps Indigo in touch with his grandma as the family stays home in Australia during #COVID19.

The most everyday acts of kindness and dedication can make a big difference in the life of a child.

Twitter Media Studio : From Venezuela to Uruguay, this is one familys journey of migration in the time of #COVID19.


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Hootsuite Inc. : From disinfecting robots to live chat shows, young people in Myanmar are spreading hope, ideas and actions in the fight against #COVID19. unicef.org/innovation/uta…

Hootsuite Inc. : If lockdown, school closures and headlines are making you feel anxious, youre not alone.

While anxiety around #COVID19 is completely understandable, make sure that youre using reliable sources to get information & talking to people you trust.

#TogetherWeCan get through this.

Hootsuite Inc. : “These are difficult moments for people with small businesses like me, but I understand that this virus is real, and serious.”

Hassane, 19, is doing his best amid coronavirus. In Niger, UNICEF is working to keep people like Hassane informed to limit the spread of #COVID19.

Hootsuite Inc. : Sharon, 14, plays her favourite game called bladda with her siblings. In Uganda, her family is staying home and staying safe in the face of the #COVID19 pandemic.

Together, they’re taking joy in the simple things.

Hootsuite Inc. : In Côte dIvoire, some schools are reopening after weeks of being shut down due to #COVID19.

These students are happy to be back, especially with their protective equipment that will help keep them and their families safe.

#ForEveryChild, education. UNICEF Côte dIvoire

Twitter Media Studio : Singing 🎤, filming 🎥 and learning 📖

This is how nine-year-old Ria stays connected and healthy during New Yorks #COVID19 lockdown.

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Twitter Web App : Children with disabilities share the same universal rights to health, education and protection.

As we respond to #COVID19, we must ensure that the most vulnerable are not left behind. Lets work together to respond, recover and reimagine a better world #ForEveryChild.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Dear teacher, thank you for ______.

Fill in the blank, and join these students in Pakistan in appreciating those who are stepping up to make sure kids keep learning during #COVID19.

Thank you teachers! 💙

Hootsuite Inc. : Fifteen-year-old Tapfuma in Zimbabwe exercises outside while his siblings play with the family dogs.

His father, Tsvangirayi, says that staying home together has been “a great opportunity to reflect on so many things.” Keeping close with family can mean staying #HealthyAtHome.

Hootsuite Inc. : Check out The Atrium! It’s a blockchain-based collaboration tool where the UN community can plant and grow ideas. UNICEF Innovation

Twitter for Advertisers : “I hope that one day, this war will be over.”

In Ukraine, Daryna is dreaming of the future, despite the daily violence nearby and the new obstacles posed by #COVID19. In the face of danger and uncertainty, Daryna takes comfort in creativity.

Twitter Media Studio : Five things young people want to know about the #COVID19 pandemic.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Six-month-old Polina lives with her mother Natalia in conflict-hit eastern Ukraine.

UNICEF is supporting families to access clean water and sanitation. More than anything, #ChildrenUnderAttack need peace.

Hootsuite Inc. : The widespread interruption of immunization services during the #COVID19 pandemic is putting 80 million babies at risk of potentially deadly - and entirely preventable - diseases.

We're calling for action. #VaccinesWork