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Twitter Web App : "Trump issued a signing statement accompanying a massive coronavirus relief law asserting that he — not Congress — decides whether an inspector general even communicates with lawmakers."…

Twitter Web App : Badd Company Jason Ross 4/
🔸Alexandre Nogueire is a former money laundering car salesman whom Ivanka helped become broker to Trump Panama to wealthy Russians

-2009–Ventura was arrested in Panama for real estate fraud and fled on bail

Twitter Web App : Badd Company Jason Ross 2/
🔸Ivanka selected a Brazilian former car salesman, Alexandre Ventura Nogueira, as a lead broker to sell units

-Nogueira promised quick sales at high prices via his firm—Homes Real Estate Investment & Services

Twitter Web App : Badd Company Jason Ross 1/
Panama and Trump

🔸Ocean Club Panama developer Roger Khadif met with Trumps at Trump Tower NY in 2005 Trump wanted to use the Panama project as a “baby” for his daughter Ivanka who had just joined the Trump Organization

Twitter Web App : Yeah, it was Sessions fault Trump got a Special Prosecutor. You dont even need Nexis to see it was ALL TRUMPS FAULT. He had to brag it that was HIS decision to fire Comey!

Twitter Web App : ANOTHER GOOD CALL BY JARED! Kushner assured Trump that Democrats would LOVE it if Trump fired Comey!

"Comey was hated the Democrats. ... he made this argument very impassionedly."…

Twitter Web App : Only if owning the libs trumps preventing the total destruction of democracy.…

Twitter Web App : .Joni Ernst was named America’s third most unpopular senator after saying she wants to gut Social Security “behind closed doors.” I think Iowans deserve a senator who will actually put them first. Let’s flip this #IASen seat:…

Twitter Web App : This is terrible logic.

The GOP doesn’t need the black vote, they just need the black vote not to show up for Democrats.

Four more years of Trump and MAGA does what, exactly, to benefit black voters?…

Twitter Web App : Having most states at least partially open on Memorial Day weekend is probably the dumbest fucking thing we’ve done yet, and that’s saying something.

These party pictures are depressing as hell.

Twitter Web App : Know what would be *really* bad for people of color?

Four more years of Trump judges and RBG’s replacement being picked by Trump.

Twitter Web App : Tragically, ten #elephants have been killed in #Namibia

They were murdered as they encroached on farming areas.

Culling was banned in 1995 but reintroduced it in 2008 after elephant populations boomed from 8,000 to nearly 20,000.…

Twitter Web App : The use of #antibiotics in animals on #US #FactoryFarms is rising despite warnings the practice risks spreading deadly #superbugs.

The #UK is worried that this drug loaded animal flesh will hit their markets if transatlantic free trade deal is struck.''…

Twitter Web App : Imagine Trump in the same situation.…

Twitter Web App : “I donated my paycheck” said the guy who spends all day on his phone when he isn’t stealing from the register…

Twitter Web App : Public Service Announcement: Listening to Fox *News* can be hazardous to your health.

It can also make you stupid.