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iPhone : La où beaucoup se trompent, cest en pensant quÉric Zemmour pèse sur le débat national ou quil met des idées dans la tête des gens...

Zemmour cest lexpression des gens. Il matérialise, précise la pensée et le ras le bol de beaucoup de gens.

Le faire taire ne changera rien.

Twitter for iPad : BREAKING: After flipping FORTY seats from red to blue in 2018, weve officially got our sights set on THIRTY-THREE more -- and were ready to get to work!

Take a look at our first offensive battlefield of the 2020 cycle:

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iPhone : Bro I’m watchin’ the Arrival right now & im fuckin’ torched. This is crazy. Imagine somethin’ like this happening... ALIENS BRO... I just hope if it happens, they’re nice & chill aliens. Like ET or some shit. Not the Independence Day Aliens, fuck those guys.


Today marks 4 years since Tom Biedenharn and Adam Duwel presented their visions of the property to Greendale City Coucil.

To  commemorate that day we are doing a giveaway!

To enter simply RETWEET this post.

The winner will be announced 8/17!

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Android : To vote for #FullFrontalwithSamanthaBee for #TheNighttimeTalkShow at this year’s #PCAs, RT this or vote at pca.eonline.com. You can vote up to 25 times a day!

Twitter Web App : Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 JON: My hunch is there is a real power struggle right now between Jared (hold onto power so I dont get indicted) and GOP/Mark Meadows (use the deteriorating condition of Dummy to article 4 25th Amendment him so they can indict him). That would explain the leak from Meadows

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