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Twitter Web App : the comically mistimed jump on the 1st TD was bad enough, but the Scotty Miller TD is a historic blunder. Fuck King & Pettine. Forever.

Twitter Web App : Aaron Rodgers leads offense to 45 points in his playoff debut. 0-1 record.

Tom Brady leads offense to 46 points over his 1st 4 playoff games. 4-0 record.

Same circumstances though. Moron.…

Twitter Web App : "But Brady took paycuts DURRRRRR"

6 of the top 8 QB's this season in terms of salary cap hit had a top 10 scoring defense. Explain that then fucking morons.

Twitter Web App : Drew Brees has had a bottom 10 defense 7 times

Peyton Manning had a bottom 10 defense 6 times

Aaron Rodgers has had a bottom 10 defense 4 times

Patrick Mahomes has had a bottom 10 defense 1 time

Tom Brady has never had a bottom 10 defense

Twitter Web App : Jared Goff makes these throws everybody praises Sean McVay for making his QBs life as easy as possible.

Tom Brady makes these throws and hes the best player in sports history.

Make it make sense pls

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Twitter Web App : Best QB ever

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Twitter Web App : *LeBron takes a 67 win team to 6 games in the 2015 Finals while averaging 36-13-9 with Timofey Mozgov as his best teammate*


*Tom Brady wins Super Bowl MVP throwing for 72 air yards with a negated INT & his defense holding Patrick Mahomes to 9 points*


Twitter Web App : *LeBron puts up 51 points in an NBA Finals loss against the KD Warriors with dogshit teammates*

"he doesn't have the clutch gene!"

*Tom Brady throws 3 INT's in one half & gets bailed out by the refs & his defense to win*

"He's the best player in sports history!"


Twitter Web App : The stock market is down, the price of gas is up, and the $2,000 stimulus check still hasn't been delivered, but at least Joe Biden picked a non-white female Vice President to make up for it, that's what really matters.

Twitter Web App : In 55 NBA Finals games, LeBron James' teams have been OUTSCORED by 107 points in the 323 minutes he's sat.

That's disgusting.

Twitter Web App : This is such a disgusting throw.

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Twitter Web App : Tom Brady all-time playoff rankings among qualified QBs:

12th in Interception %
13th in Completion %
13th in Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt
15th in Passer Rating
24th in Adjusted Yards Per Attempt
25th in Touchdown %
26th in Net Yards Per Attempt
39th in Yards Per Attempt


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Twitter Web App : "GOATS" of each sport in the playoffs:





TOM BRADY: 15th in Passer Rating

Hmmm....almost like one doesn't belong in the convo

Twitter Web App : Enough bullshit, let's be real, people hate LeBron for 2 reasons:

1) They're insecure about him being better than Michael Jordan

2) He's an outspoken black athlete who says shit racists don't want to hear

Twitter Web App : People think Im exaggerating but im not LMAO

Super Bowl MVP

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Twitter Web App : Social distancing means staying SIX FEET away from other people. If you don't know how far six feet is, watch a Tom Brady highlight video and see how far he throws the ball downfield.