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iPhone : The Old Man got the job done, as those of us with faith knew he would. My cartoon from December:… via @theonion Rush Limbaugh

iPhone : Yeah! Kyler Murray could be in Quadruple A Cedar Rapids or whatever the fuck for the next four years and living in a Residence Inn instead of what he’s doing now.…

iPhone : You have seriously brought tears to my eyes. That I could have played even the smallest part in your recovery is a gift from God. I am so humbled and proud. The real miracle, of course, is AA and its quiet, powerful contribution to the world. Thank you for your very kind words.…

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iPhone : If I retweet your Go Fund Me it’s not outta the kindness of my heart I just want other people to see that you struggling

iPhone : Happy Birthday to the most prolific winner in the history of sports: Bill Russell, who is 87 today.
Forget Tom or Michael or LeBron or anybody else. Russell stands alone. Eleven NBA titles in 13 years, two NCAA and one Olympic gold medal. He is the standard.

Twitter Media Studio : Barstool Fund Recap 2/17/21

Every dollar, every donation counts. Please continue to donate and share the love. #barstoolfund

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iPhone : Freysexuality is a legitimate orientation by which one is only attracted to strangers from a distance.

Stalkers have rights too.

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