((( Where’s the War on White Supremacy ))) (@Uncle_Sugar_ )

((( Where’s the War on White Supremacy )))

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iPhone : Great speech by Joe Biden today.

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iPhone : There are 53 Republican senators. Any 3 or 4 can bring the Senate to a halt. Any 3 or 4 can deny votes to confirm unqualified judges or executive officials. They have the power to grab Trump's attention and force change. NOT ONE has been willing to do so, even once.

iPhone : No tear gas? Guess my eyes were captured by ANTIFA technology or I was suffering from LSD hallucinations given I watched it happen live on television.

Where's the Twitter fact check indeed Laura Ingraham. twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/…

iPhone : I served in 3 wars and we never used tear gas because it is a chemical weapon. Trump has now used tear gas on peaceful protesters. We have become Syria.

iPhone : When I was in Iraq, we flew Black Hawks in the fight against Al-Qaeda to protect our troops. In Donald Trump's America, those same helicopters are being used to intimidate peaceful protesters in our own nation’s capital instead. twitter.com/KannoYoungs/st…

iPhone : Reminder that rubber bullets, designed for ricochet contact, are meant to be fired at the ground, never at people. twitter.com/bentaub91/stat…

iPhone : What Donald J. Trump & his GOP enablers still don’t understand is that there is no military solution here. Protests erupted because our government murdered George Floyd and countless black Americans for generations. We stop these protests when we commit to real reforms. twitter.com/thetomzone/sta…

iPhone : 36 U.S.C. (United States Code, Title 36)
(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.