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Twitter Web App : We might face another revolution, maybe something similar to the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution

-Ex-World Economic Forum Director Frank Jurgen-Richter says socialist revolutions may occur due to Coronavirus economic fallout

WATCH HERE: youtu.be/FhLBCtfM-2M

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iPhone : ‘A riot is the language of the unheard’

-Martin Luther King

These pictures are from the riots and protests that broke out following the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department

Twitter Web App : State school children are being forced to go back to school next week...

while Eton College gets to open in September.

One rule for the working class and the common people, another rule for the children of some of the richest & most influential families in the UK? 🙃

Twitter Web App : We know what happened with the Great Recession...tens of thousands of suicides were a result of the economic impacts. [Universal Basic Income] is a social vaccine, this is a preventative approach

-Scott Santens🧢🤠 on why we need a basic income

WATCH: youtu.be/0EHkO0AQ0YM

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Twitter Web App : Ecuador🇪🇨:

Protests break out against neoliberal US-backed President Lenin Moreno over his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, as he announced cuts to public sector wages and closures of state-owned enterprises.

His approval rating is less than 20%.

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Twitter Web App : The expression of a health minister facing media scrutiny while the UKs death rate is officially the worst in the world and almost 60,000 excess deaths

Yet the government will wonder why #deathminister is trending?

iPhone : #Venezuela reaches deal with #UN to use its #gold – frozen by the Bank of England – to fund food and medical purchases during the #Covid19 outbreak.


Twitter Web App : The Israelis are using the international focusing on Coronavirus to execute...arrests of children, expropriating land and using force in order to continue the incremental ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians

-Israeli historian Ilan Pappe

WATCH HERE: youtu.be/IQJ6oS1rX9Q

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Twitter Web App : Protesters in LA burn the US flag over the killing of George Floyd, an African American killed while a police officer kneeled on his throat for over 7 minutes as he repeatedly gasped I cant breathe, as Eric Garner had in 2014.

Has the US reached breaking point?

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Twitter Web App : You're denying Americans universal healthcare during a global pandemic and as US states reopen while their infection rates are sky-rocketing

Your healthcare plan leaves 10 million people uninsured

Are you really that much better than Donald Trump? twitter.com/JoeBiden/statu…

Twitter Web App : A police car tries to mow down #BlackLivesMatter protesters

Had this happened in Iran, Venezuela, China or Russia there would be non-stop coverage and calls for sanctions 🙃

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Twitter Web App : In the West, they still cant decide whether to maintain sanctions against Iran🇮🇷 or Venezuela🇻🇪 which is completely disgusting

-Tariq Ali on US sanctions during the #Coronavirus pandemic

Full interview & more content like this on our channel: youtu.be/KlO26HryFbA

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iPhone : The 5th richest country in the world has the world’s highest Coronavirus death rate in the world

Doesn’t this show not only the governing party to be incompetent, but the entire governing ideology of neoliberalism to be completely useless?

iPhone : Baroness Dido Harding

🦠Made boss of coronavirus testing app by Matt Hancock✅

Disgraced after data breach of 4m customers at Talk Talk✅

Director of Jockey Club that sanctioned Cheltenham Horse Festival 10-13 March ✅

iPhone : Boris Johnson asks the media to move on from Dominic Cummings arguably breaching the lockdown rules...

How can the country move on from it when thousands of people have been unable to be with their loved ones in their last moments due to the rules in place?

Twitter Web App : As long as we dont address the root cause of all this misery, which is the conflict, humanitarians will only be able to do a drop in the ocean

-UNHCR Rep. Jean-Nicolas Beuze as Coronavirus arrives in war-torn Yemen🇾🇪

WATCH: youtu.be/QL99Ry6Y6Hk

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Twitter Web App : Is George Floyd's murder by American police any surprise when the US' history includes the genocide of the Native Americans, hundreds of years of slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration of African Americans and neo-colonialism in Africa?