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Android : She rejected your proposal? What a bitch. She exercised her right to say no to your unsolicited sexual advances? Oh, how dare she tarnish your fragile male ego like this! #AuratMarch2021 #AtoZofPatriarchalViolence #AcidAttacks

Android : shamima begum being “deported” to Bangladesh when she was never from there in the first place means I better start seeing white criminals 1/4 deported to France, 1/8 to Ireland, 1/16 to Germany

Android : Beating up minors and harassing girls is what the management at Karak Khel is trained to do. Even the owner of the place, Hassan Khan Niazi was seen beating up kids and defending his waiters who harassed the girls. Shame on you, Hassan.

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Android : I want to make something clear: Biden bombing foreign countries isn’t wrong because he’s spending money on wars instead of giving stimulus checks to Americans. It’s wrong because bombing foreign countries is wrong.

Android : This guy from Layyah is telling me that he will expose me and stop me from working in Layyah & he doesn't know that I have publicly mentioned it thousand times that I AM A SUPPORTER OF AM & MERA JISAM MERI MARZI.
Bhae chupa hua kia hai jis ko expose kro gey?

Android : Men in desi households wouldn’t last a month living like their female peers. All the responsibilities of an adult with none of the benefits. You couldn’t even stay inside for lockdown imagine doing that for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Having to ask for permission like you’re 10.

Android : Beautiful. Official ruling party account tweets about CM KP meeting to discuss senate elections with former minister who was sacked a few weeks ago after viral video showed him counting stacks of cash from a senate horse-trading bribe. Wah 👌👏…

Android : when desi aunties go on a trip without their husbands everyone’s first thought is “what’s he going to eat while she’s gone” and that’s very telling about the toxicity in our culture