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Twitter Web App : nov-amber I played a few matches in the mkwii lounge a while back and the entire time I just got shit talked by 15 year olds lmao

Twitter Web App : Nintendo Versus Yo this is actually a sick maplist?? Props to whoever made it, gonna be a fun tournament

also #SaveMelee

Twitter Web App : Dyna I think if they patched out the FPS problems it would be a much better experience. Playing some characters I can drop the game to sub-5fps which is just not fun.

Also, my switch doesn't even get warm playing it? Whats up with that? Is it underclocked or something?

Twitter Web App : When you see how many assets were pulled straight from BotW unaltered you kinda understand why the framerate is so shit, those assets were never designed to be rendered 300 times in a frame.

Twitter Web App : I'm not totally done yet but here's my Age of Calamity review: Story is like a bad BotW fan-fiction. Game is extremely unnecessary, was definitely made because it's an easy asset flip to make some money. At least the combat is the best in the musou genre to date, very fun.

Twitter Web App : Swiffy22 🌸 In the later game she becomes a special spammer because she charges SUPER fast, you want to kit her out with special damage seals and spam 3-glyph specials. Definitely not bad but gotta play her a certain way.

Twitter Web App : Honestly its kinda messed up that Blizzard Entertainment would release a WoW expansion on the same day that a new maddie🌙 video comes out, absolutely no way they could live up to that hype

I don't play WoW and this video was super entertaining:…

Twitter Web App : Being an albertan is normally pretty embarrassing but this is just something else

Twitter Web App : where the melee grinders at? I'm new-ish and looking for people to practice with, and the average person on slippi mm is leagues better than me lol

Twitter Web App : #FreeMelee That’s it. That seals the deal. I’ve been an nintendo fan for 40 years and in all my time of being one i’ve never seen a decision this bad. I’ve had enough of it, until you fix this community. I’ll be moving to Sega where they actually know how to make consoles. BYE