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Bio Inventor of Truths and Lecturer in Digital Media Research at Monash. Researching cultures of digital tech, automation, datafication with feminist lenses
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Twitter Web App : Dr Blair Williams🏳️‍🌈♀️ Late to the party but I'm also a product of public school education 😁 Ages ago I read postgrads are more likely to be from the public system...probs bcoz private schoolers go into industry/private sector jobs due to connections and drive for money.

Twitter Web App : Emily van der Nagel Yeah, I've been getting anxiety that keeps me awake most nights about not being productive enough but it's simply not possible. We need to have time to be in the right head space to think productively and write well, which crisis mode and teaching impede 🤷‍♀️

Twitter Web App : Emily van der Nagel Boy can I relate!! I think it's week 10 but I'm teaching intensives and lost all sense of time 🙃 For a moment I forgot that this is crisis teaching and I was holding myself to an impossible standard. It is a momentous achievement to get through this!

Twitter Web App : ysabel So I noticed early on here (in Aus) there was a trend of ppl sharing audio snippets, policies and news clips from other countries as "leaked documents" about forthcoming changes. It was like a status or clout scoring thing, ppl trying to claim they had inside/advanced knowledge

Twitter Web App : We conducted a nationwide survey on Australian attitudes toward facial recognition technology earlier this year and this article discusses some of the findings from the survey: smh.com.au/national/despi…

Twitter Web App : Check out an article that discusses some of the results from the national survey on facial recognition we conducted earlier this year. smh.com.au/national/despi…

Twitter Web App : The bright side to virtual conferences is there aren't sessional clashes so you aren't competing with other presentations. As a result I'm sure I have received more comments on my pres than what I'd normally get in person for #ICA20

Twitter Web App : ASWG Whitepaper on Facial Recognition released. Increasing support, but also polarisation among Australians.
Key recs:
- improved digital literacy education
- more responsible reporting
- consultative legislation
- forebearance on any rollouts

Twitter Web App : Jenni Hagedorn ...pay for internet media things?😅 I'm thinking of buying their arrangements to play for myself so I guess I will flick them some cash ahahha

Twitter Web App : Jenni Hagedorn When would you normally watch those channels? Might come down to routine as well. No commute = less consumption. I stopped listening to podcasts when commute stopped. Took awhile to find a new routine to reintegrate podcasts into my life. Doing puzzle or cooking = podcast time.

Twitter Web App : Jenni Hagedorn Yeah, I can imagine TikTok could work as an escape from the depressing stuff on other feeds! I watched a dozen TikTok videos last night a pianist I follow posted on facebook. And then went onto YouTube to listen to the longer versions hahaha.

Twitter Web App : Jenni Hagedorn I honestly find FB a happier place than Twitter. Twitter is work work politics work pandemic job losses death work. FB has been curating positive content for me: random cool sports/athletics videos + articles about fun things to do. Rubbish feel good content.

Twitter Web App : Perez la Osita Not totally sure what you're trying to do but you need to log onto MoVE, open NodeXL and then open your file through the program. Unless you want to open it as a plain excel file on your computer...email me to setup zoom consult or post longer detail on help forum :)

Twitter Web App : Bruce Hill For sure, you'll def want to be able to reopen to do SNA. I've uploaded it now labelled as 'Trusted Location TroubleShoot' it's under the SNA pdf guide in In-class Materials. (if anyone is lurk reading this - only do this if you encounter trusted source issue reopening a file).