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Android : Then why did U vote BY MAIL?
Must be do as I say not as I do.
This says.....

Android : BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS for scam artists out there .
Yes, I too was taken for $87.90
I purchased a forehead thermometer. Or thought I did.
I now wait 2 more days and resubmit my claim complaint to our bank again.
Just be cautious
Lots of dirt bags out there.

Android : One Year, One Neighborhood: We’re following businesses in one Seattle neighborhood for a year to see the effects of coronavirus and what the pandemic could mean for the future of cities

Android : 🌊🇺🇸TraitorWarrior🇺🇸🌊 Is it muscle related?
Your spine is ok yes??
I've used the patches like the icyhot ones.
I've also used ointment for muscle injury.
Yes, rest so rest for now.
Hopefully sleep will help.
Ok, this is what I use.
These are suggestions from what I use.😀😃

Android : Anyone remember Los Angeles in the 90s?
The HUGE riots after the beyond brutal beating of INNOCENT Rodney King?
This outbreak of riots i fear is just the beginning of the hell on its way.

Android : BrooklynDad_Defiant! Its going to be worse.
Here in my town the division between mask wearers and non wearers appears to be turning into political hate.
Give thanks to the fricking douche bag tweeting out venom.

Android : Joshua Gale This i feel is only the beginning of horrible brutal things to come.
We are fighting 2 two life taking poisons .
Covid19 and our illustrious cheespuff dictator.

Android : I will.
I'm not young but I will still fight.
I was a 911 dispatcher and live in a smaller community.
This is total bull shit on what is happened.
We need to grow our balls and make a voice and stand up for others.
All life matters .!!!!!!…