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iPhone : Dara Ó Briain In these times of heightened awareness of prejudice based on skin colour, surely Irish people and culture aren’t still fair game?

How far is this ruling from the “no blacks, no Irish, no dogs” attitude of the 1960s?

iPhone : Another effort by the Brits to extinguish the Irish language?
Would the judge have made the same decision if it were to be in Scots Gaelic??…

iPhone : Nigel Farage twisting the truth, yet again.
How can a protest prompted by what happened to George Floyd “have nothing to do with him”?…

iPhone : Is this Harvard being serious...or kinky??
Couples who aren't quarantining together should wear face masks during sex to prevent coronavirus spread, according to a Harvard study… via Insider

iPhone : It has finally paid off. But not in the way they expected it to.
Over 500 vacant HSE posts with private hospitals having recruited many former HSE consultants who gave up on working for the HSE where “no good deed goes unpunished”.…

iPhone : YellowpackConsultant Not everyone. Some of us know how committed people are. How hard they worked to get their position and do their very best for patients.
We see the difference to other peoples lives that is made as a result.
We all get peeved off at times too. Hope you have a pleasant evening.

iPhone : DOH is obsessed with “controlling” the consultants. For years it propagandised against them. Most consultants are Type A personalities with a fierce work ethic. Give them the tools and they will work themselves to death. The Type A contract is unsuitable for a Type A personality!…

iPhone : America, it’s just like cleaning house. Once you get started moving the furniture and vacuuming behind the doors you might as well get some trash bags, a pile of rags and a bucket of hot water and clean this place out.

iPhone : Speed of release of Irish lockdown too cautious compared to that well known banana Republic Switzerland.…

iPhone : “The Irish are the blacks of Europe and the Nortgsiders are the blacks of Dublin. We’re black and we’re proud”
The Committments…

iPhone : ProfJohnCrown The Irish Times Come Sept in a public hospital when Hospital manager is short on financial budget- they close theatres, close beds, stop overtime, reduce expenditure & cancel elective procedures hence our massive waiting lists;in private hospitals faced with the same dilemma the private hospital

iPhone : Eoin Kelleher Mark Murphy There is an air of “That’s all very well in practice but what about in theory” about this argument. Many of the clinicians in the hospital I work in were going to resign their A contract at the end of June. Ever try to run an acute hospital without cardiologists? It didn’t work!