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Twitter Web App : tinder culture is taking 12 hrs to come up with a clever opener and then writing "hey"

Twitter Web App : Old Navy Old Navy Canada ® I notice the order confirmation template for Canadian customers *still* lists this defunct email address: I realize email inquiries are closed at the moment regardless, but you should really update this to

Twitter Web App : Part of me feels like I need to change my situation. But I'd still be locked up at home with no activities or in-person social time, and I don't know if I could deal with having no human contact for the forseeable future.

Twitter Web App : To me, physical space creates mental space. For example, this is why I'm good at working out at the gym, but not working out at home. I struggle with carving out the mental space without the physical space.

Twitter Web App : Sometimes it's hard to suss out the lines between quarantine blues, other issues, or see which other issues are simply delayed/exaggerated by the current state of existence.

Twitter Web App : Evie Veronica I hate that we live in a world where you even feel the need to say this part. :( Shitty behaviour is shitty. Report him.

Twitter Web App : Reality: mumbles "people suck" 3/4 through the Monday morning inbox, eats leftover cake donut, stress eats cheesecake. "I need more coffee."

Twitter Web App : Expectation: "I'm going to do better for myself. I'm going to cut up those strawberries and have them with yogurt for breakfast, and snack on fresh veggies!"

Twitter Web App : Flake messaged me last weekend about seeing him & his partner. Would be my first time seeing anyone outside the household since the beginning of March. Seriously considering it...

Twitter Web App : There are ups and downs in living together but posting about it feels akin to airing dirty laundry instead of putting it in the wash. 🤷‍♀️

Twitter Web App : I feel like I've been very absent on here the past few months. I'm not really dating, have had challenged with covid-blues despite a fairly privileged existence of WFH and a rushed move-in with the significant other.

Twitter Web App : Once again, as a cis woman, I feel compelled to refute JKR’s claims that my rights or safety are threatened by the extension of those rights to trans women

Twitter Web App : Also, packing and labeling my shipment but leaving it on the warehouse floor for more than a week before sending it off.... that's just poor service.