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TweetDeck : The #CrewDragon Spacecraft will be a challenge to spot for all in the UK.
Based on my calculations, it will be increasingly more difficult the further north of Manchester you are. It will be extremely difficult to spot in Scotland

Buffer : If you want to see the Crew Dragon Spacecraft after launch, you will need to read the guide here… to see if you actually will be able to see it from your location.
I will have to walk down the road myself as trees are in the way.


Crew Dragon Watch The Launch – Then See it Over UK…


#FridayFeeling #NationalBiscuitDay #lockdown #CrewDragon

Buffer : I'm just adding times for tomorrows Crew Dragon pass over the UK.
The Space Craft will pass over the UK on it's first complete orbit after launch

Buffer : TONIGHT
A bright International Space Station pass over the UK
Similar to what the (less bright) #CrewDragon will look like after launch tomorrow.
A Great exercise to see if it is visible from where you live. It will be too low for northern UK
Times & info…