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Android : Why is my timeline lit up by people shocked that Lana del Rey is exactly the same as Lana del Rey has always been?

Android : I feel this reveals a big issue in Hollywood.

Considering how many of the white men creatives achieve their positions of power based on who they know or are related to, it make sense they’d be clueless when it comes to writing about someone doesn’t have those advantages. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ…

Android : korviday, edgy soft paradox Remember when they made Men in Black 3 and instead of getting Will Smith to do one last theme song they got Pitbull to just...

Just fuck it up. Just shit all over the place.

What a fucking horrible world event that was.

Android : LGB Alliance Hahaha remember when you used to to pretend you *weren't* a transphobic organisation?

One day you'll be in history books next to the Westborough Baptist Church.

Android : Ana Mardoll Shit, dont even need to do much more with it, I'll take some lesbians singing about beer, boots, flannel and their trucks.

Android : Jason Rohrer Good thing those people can't infect every other person they come into contact with because they are so fucking brave, eh?

The virus will flee from their massive swinging good old American cahones. The pure force of fucking freedom will repel the cowardly virus.

You stupid shit

Android : Hutch Joe Rogan is exactly the person in real life as you'd expect from a fictional character who has a podcast and is named Joe Rogan.

Android : Ginny Brown Kate Leth 🏝 It certainly treats the clovers winning as a good outcome, for sure.

I think Torrances team maybe puts enough effort in that it feels okay for them to get second? It does seem like she learns, a bit?

Android : Nana I noticed that Marshall knocked raymond off the #1 spot on one of the tier lists I followed, which I found surprising until I realised everyone has decided they are boyfriends.