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Android : If you're in a state where you have the option to vote early, do that now. The more votes in early, the less likely you're going to see a last minute crunch, both at polling places and in states where mail-in ballots are permitted. Then tell everyone you know.

Android : 1) Prime time hearings, now.
2) Subpoenas to Trump WH and camp officials. This is a RICO case
3) Visit local post offices with cameras - show people what is happening.
4) Events with those getting Rx late
5) Involve governors
5) No rest, no vacation. Go to war for our country.

Android : I keep up these tweets each day because it is unacceptable for a Commander in Chief to leave our troops behind when a foreign adversary may have offered bounties for their deaths.

Until Donald Trump speaks up, I'll keep speaking out. Day 49.

Android : eN-t Bryan Dawson The color is irrelevant.

When you get a bucket of ice water over your head, you REACT. It's FREAKING FREEZING. Trump sits like a bump on a log. That is NOT ice water.