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Bio ⇨ Rescue ⌞explorer⌟ mystery dungeon ღ Big butt and belly mythical Pokemon. ✨White Mew✨ - Temps: 3 Permas: 3 Gay (with exception to futas) #LewdRP #VoreRP
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Android : Mew Allll gone~

Noticable bulges of his feet paws can be seen on the blue Mew belly, after he manages to be fully inside that cramped gut.. mewing cutely.

Android : Mew No Mew in sight indeed, but a very stuffed looking blue one with that tail swishing about as it's nibbled up.

"N-nnhgff.. what a goofball you are—"

Cue the cute squirming from that mew belly.

Android : Mew Such softness and sizeable mew feet, toasty buns as they'd fold up and be shoveled inside the smaller Mew.. leaving just the long noodle tail~

Android : Mew Muffled flustering Mew sounds could be heard from the swelling belly of blue Mew as his wide hips wiggled. His soft plush soles curling up out of instinct.

Android : Local Pika-Slut.

- Pansexual.

- Switch.

- Loves to please.

- More information will be added.

- RT and Favourites always appreciated.

Android : How does one get the white Mew to become food for themselves~? — Will have to be a natural pred, and entice Mew…

Android : If a prey lets them do whatever you want to them, (including profile play, if desired), what would you opt to do? — Mew would most likely give them the option for profile play, temp or perma…